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Tibouchina grandiflora


Tibouchina grandiflora

Notes by Jesse Durko

Tibouchinas are great color for tropical and subtropical gardens. Coming from Central and South America, they are adapted to the higher altitudes of the mountainous terrain there. Higher altitudes can get quite chilly even in the tropics and all this means that they are tough and cold resistant.

They do have some equirements for happy growth - an organic acid soil and regular watering. These met, Tibouchina will reward you with spectacular floral shows.

Most Tibouchina flowers are deep intense purple in color but there are white, pinks, salmon, and lavender varieties. Best of all, most all of them repeat flower several times each year.

This shrub offers a variety of shapes and sizes, from low ground huggers to large shrubs and small trees.

Leaf type varies as well, from small dark green waxy foliage to large silvery velveteen leaves.

Tibouchina can take center stage in the border or be used as a colorful landscape accent plant.

Tibouchina in a Tropical Landscape

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