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Reviews and Testimonials by Customers and Clients

"Jesse Durko

We are so very pleased with Jesse Durko, his excellent vision to enhance our bland backyard into a beautiful, lush garden, and the terrific variety of plants and flowers his nursery has to offer. Mr. Durko’s flower and plant knowledge is uncanny. He shared his time with us on his nursery/farm and provided specific, personalized service. Jesse listened to us and then quickly shared his ideas and guidance. We wanted beauty and limited maintenance. Jesse delivered! Thank You to Jesse and his crew for being easy to work with, met all deadlines and promises, and turned our hot, square yard into a beautiful and peaceful place ."

Mr. Derrick Myers
June 4, 2012

Links to Posts about Jesse Durko's Landscape and Garden Projects

Jesse Durko’s mosaics make a piece-ful spot by Charlyne Varkonyi Schaub
This article has a fabulous photo of a mosaic wall designed and crafted by Jesse Durko as part of a landscape design in Boca Raton, FL.



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