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The Nova Medicinal Healing Garden and The Color Healing Garden

The medicinal garden at Nova Southeastern University has evolved to become the Healing Medicinal Garden. In Addition to the medicinal plant collection the garden itself has become healing. At its heart is a Reflexology pathway. Based on an ancient Eastern study of healing oneself by walking on stones, a process which stimulates pressure points on the feet. A Yin/Yang pattern of plantings is centered on the pathway, representing the eastern philosophy of balance.

Nova University Healing Garden

The Garden houses many plants with medicinal qualities, making it a living classroom. Some were chosen for their visual qualities with a design to pique the eye, others for their fragrances, and some for their natural harmony with butterflies and birds. This garden island within the university complex invites both student and visitor for a unique experience. It is a destination that can tantalize the senses, heal the body, while calming the soul.

Nova University Medicinal Garden Pathways


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