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Bosulanthus speciosus


Bosulanthus speciosus

Notes by Jesse Durko

Bolusanthus speciosus, or Tree Wisteria, is a small delightful ornamental tree. The very beautiful blue or lavender sprays of flowers adorn the tree in late Winter to Spring, although I have had repeat blooms on my tree into the summer.

Its mature height is only 14' to 18 ', but considering its compact size they produce a lot of character in the landscape. They are easy to grow and tolerate a variety of soils- they do well with regular watering, but once established are drought tolerant.

I have never had to use a pesticide on my tree and only occasional fertilizer, although it seems to get along fine without any. This tree is under utilized now, however I believe it will become a Florida landscape favorite as more people discover the wisteria-like charm of Bosulanthus.




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